The World's social geolocation search engine
Geos is the worldwide geolocation search engine for community activities, powered by decentalized geo tokens and blockchain technology!
The power of Geos:
  • Open the World of amazing and useful things nearby!
  • Earn cryptocurrency while enjoying the World around!
  • Spend cryptocurrency worldwide and buy the best nearby goods and services with no censorship!
  • Get support from local community wherever you are!
Geos is a personal geolocation assistent for everybody in the World!
Bringing territory and financial freedom to community!


"The global location-based services market is expected to reach $62 Billion by 2022, from $12 Billion in 2015", Allied Market Research published.

There are only two common advertising worldwide platforms for location-targeted ad - Google and Facebook. But their opportunities are limited for growing global community needs. We want to turn the tide in community flavour, redirect monetary flows to millions of people, and above all, make something magical for everybody in the World...

So, welcome to Geos, the social network where everybody can create, share and easily find location-based activities. This is the place where everybody can earn money on what is happening around and spend money easily worldwide!


Geos is the social network where a place is a key element of the system. People can communicate with each other and get additional e-services connected to a place. The important thing is internal search engine which makes it easy to find social activities nearby user! The gas for platform is cryptocurrency based on blockchain technologies!

Any user can create his own feed and fill it with the geo posts. Users can attach time, pictures, text and so on to posts. Posts can be commented and rated like in regular social networks. And posts can be shared both inside and outside Geos.

Other people, who may be interested in nearby activities, can find posts in a convenient way, for example viewing newsfeed, or exploring map points, or looking through camera in a real world and get visual notes (augmented reality).

Geos is geohub-featured platform. When user is inside geohub territory he gets access to special services. For example access to discounts and floor maps when come to shopping mall.


Geocoins are the tokens supplied by Geos. These are very useful tokens for global Geos community and can be used by the real world needs.

Broadcast own announcements to people being around. This is the unique opportunity for promoting own business or to find lost goods or lost people. Only Geocoin gives such opportunity to users.

Community payments. There are worldwide program for local community support. This mean you can get help from other nearby people and use Geocoins for payments.

Buy items around the World. Geocoin wallet can be expanded with Geos Visa Card which unlocks payments in millions of shops throughout the World.


Time until the end of Pre-ICO

How to purchase Geocoin?

Send needed amount of ether to contract 0xFA95646aEc63D22FfaEcdD49CC1EFDF5ae37C911

You will get your tokens automatically

1 Geocoin = 0.0017 ETH

Minimal order 0.17 Eth (100 Geocoins)

50% bonus applied

Inform us after you made transaction, so we can stay in touch and provide you further news!

Inform about transaction

Pay with Bitcoin

Make Bitcoin transaction to: 12FRRP4LUtjNU7Y63ZeyNwegy8K7Gu7Hfw (Minimal amount $100 in BTC)

Inform us about transaction. In comments section write the currency name and ETH wallet number. You need Etherium wallet even if you pay in other currencies. Parity or MyEtherWallet is recommended. You will get your tokens to your ETH wallet after confirmation.

Warning! Do not send from exhanges! Make transaction through your own wallet.

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Our team

We have a great experience in implementation of succesful projects.

Анатолий Макеевич

Anatoly Makeevich


Ideological inspirer and geolocation "evangelist" of the project

Даниил Босов

Daniil Bosov

CTO, coder

The great geolocation and web-service developer

Эрик Манн

Erik Mann

PR, content

Communications tasks and international contacts

Николай Адриенко

Nikolas Adrienko

Client's manager

Commercial offers and contacts with clients

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